Booleroo Centre and District Kindergarten

Welcome to Booleroo Centre and District Kindergarten and Rural Care

Booleroo Centre and District Kindergarten with Rural Care operates as a stand alone site, however it is closely affiliated with the Booleroo Centre District School and is recognized as a birth to year 12 site by our community. Children are able to transition to parent school of choice, should you live in another town and wish to access our preschool service.

Booleroo Centre and District Kindergarten, as all preschools accepts enrolments within the "Same First Day" intake for schools which also begins policy, click here for more information

Our site has been classified as a site with low risk during Catastrophic Fire Alert Days. This means that when a Catastrophic Fire Alert is called, our site will remain open on that day. School Buses will however not run on Catastrophic Fire Days, and you may wish to bring your child in yourself.

Contact Information

Site Leader: Mrs. Kerry Thomas
Phone: (08) 8667 2055
Fax: (08) 8667 2039
Address: 26 Campbell Street
Booleroo Centre SA 5482
Region: Flinders Partnership

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Feedback and Parent Complaints

Our parent guide to raising a concern or complaint (PDF 141.16KB)

More Information

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Session Times

The Kindergarten currently operates on Tuesdays 8.45am until 12.15 pm and Thursdays 8.45 to 3.00pm. Rural Care is open every week day from 8am to 6pm.

Kindy Session: 8.45am – 3.15pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays
Kindy Session: 8.45am – 12.45pm, Alternate Fridays
                                (even weeks)
Rural Care Sessions: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, including school holidays
Playgroup Sessions: Wed 10am-12pm, not including school holidays

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Parent Information

Please download the information below, which is relevant to you, for either Kindy or Rural Care. We have policies in common with Melrose Rural Care. There is a parent information session, usually every term on the second Tuesday, a Kindy/Rural Care Parent Committee which meets week 4 and week 8 of a school term, and Governing Council which also meets at least twice a term. Parent representation is welcome to these groups to meet guidelines.

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Rural Care Information Handbook 253.07KB PDF
Kindy Information Handbook 272.60KB PDF
DECD Rural Care Fee Policy 7.26 KB PDF
Quality Improvement Plan 437.70KB Word
2016 Annual Report 623.78KB PDF
Enrolment Package

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Playgroup Information

The playgroup meets every Wednesday at the centre at 10 am. The cost of attending playgroup is $2.00 per family. It is a good opportunity to have your young children begin to socialize and also build up your parent connections too. Playgroup is welcome at end of term graduation parties held by the kindy.

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Context Statement

The Context Statement provides detailed information about our preschool.

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Context Statement 113.53KB PDF

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